Jirau dam, Brasil

Veidekke in cooperation with Camargo Corrêa is building a major dam in western Brazil.

Project facts

In short

Project type
Asphalt core dams
January 2012 - December 2012
Architect /Advisor
Leme Engenharia
Camargo Corrêa
Contract type
Subcontractor and advisor
Madeira River, western Amazonas
Project description

The 3700 Megawatt project is being developed by Energia Sustentável do  Brazil and with Camargo  Corrêa as contractor for all civil works. The area has a high precipitation during the rainy season, November to April. The central dam across the river is on the critical part in the schedule. In order to complete this during the rainy season, and asphalt core dam was a natural choice.

The dam with a crest length of approximately 980 m has two distinct depressions in the profile. In order to complete the work in a minimum of time it was decided to perform the asphalt works with two core paving machines and two working teams.

Camargo Corrêa will supply all personnel and standard machinery including asphalt plant while Veidekke supply expertise, special machinery and supervision on site.

Work on the dam began in March 2012 and the work is expected to be completed by December 2012.


  • Dam height 63 m
  • Dam crest 980 m
  • Dam volume 2 mill m
  • Asphalt volume 17000 m
  • Asphalt core thickness 0.6 m
  • Upstream slope 1:1.4
  • Downstream slope 1:1.4


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